Our Story

Subtle Bodies is a range of products grounded in purity, quality and tradition.


Completely free of perfumes, oils or additives our incense is a genuine expression of pure, fragrant wood.

To create the finest natural incense available, we work closely with specialist artisans worldwide - all who have a lasting connection with the type of wood they choose to focus on. With each incense a different raw material, variations between them are beautifully apparent - not only in the scent but the physical appearance and texture of the wood as well.

Unlike other incense on the market, our Japanese style sticks have only two ingredients; the fragrant wood as their name suggests and a natural binding wood from either Machilus thunbergii, Litsea glutinosa or Phoebe zhennan.

This single origin approach ensures full transparency, with a genuine understanding and appreciation of each incense.

Created in 2017, as an exercise in simplicity and quality, Subtle Bodies explores the rich history of traditional high grade incense from around the world and makes it accessible to those who value the unmatched experience it offers.

We research, visit and connect with artisans worldwide to better understand the raw plant materials and how they are used to create such exceptional products.

Subtle Bodies co-founder Courtney
Our ethos

Artisan made

No additives

Sustainable selections

In a range of spiritual teachings, the subtle body is seen as one of many planes of existence or awareness constituent in all living beings. The concept of these planes within a hierarchy of attainment is a common philosophical element that can be explored in many traditions around the world.

Diagram of the Theosophical subtle bodies.
Curuppumullagē Jinarājadāsa, First Principles of Theosophy, 1922